Bunnycup Embroidery Designs
(A sample...100's more available)
This is a small sample of designs available from Bunnycup Embroidery. All embroidery designs can be stitched using your choice of thread color. All applique designs can be stitched using your choice of fabric/thread color. Embroidery designs are typically under 4 inches, whereas applique designs range in size from 4 inches to 9 inches. Embroidery minis are around 1 1/2 inches.
Fall/Winter Designs
owl applique squirrel applique acorn applique
Dracula Pumpkin applique red bird applique fall leaf applique
5 point leaf applique curled leaf applique leaf pointed up applique
snowman applique holly leaf applique ghost pumpkin applique
Standard Designs
hammer applique saw applique nails
brown purse applique cupcake applique green purse applique
chick applique cat applique dog applique
duck applique surf board frog applique
bear applique hippo applique dinosaur applique
lion applique horse applique helicopter applique
lion applique pencil applique crab applique
palette applique penguin applique paint brush applique
school applique beach ball applique sailboat applique
tool box bulldozer applique hard hat applique
Mini Embroidery Designs
basketball football tennis racket
volleyball guitar helicopter
motorcycle music notes plane
rocket shooting star train
bear chick dinosaur
duck horse lion
owl penguin redbird
New Summer Designs
bomb pop compass crab2
nautical wheel pail with starfish nails
scallop sea snail stingray
sunflower whale
All designs are property of Bunnycup Embroidery
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